And then there was One…

It’s been about three weeks since the Swanpool cygnets hatched: three weeks that have seen spring turn decidedly into summer. The coot and moorhen children are closely catching their parents up in size – and growing in to their feet, although they’ll still remain comically oversized throughout their adulthood too. The horse chestnut trees between the road and the pool are in full bloom and covering the pavement with discarded dark pink petals. Flag irises are unfurled in force in the damp of the pool’s perimeter whereas a few weeks back there were only one or two shooting their yellow spearheads up through the green.

Unfortunately the swans’ brood has not fared so well, and they’re now down to just one cygnet. However he seems to be growing fast – then again given the amount of bread that gets sent his way that’s not surprising. Despite his size (still very small – maybe ten inches body length?) and downy appearence he’s starting everso slightly to look a bit more swan-like: a hint in the shape of his head, the subtle lengthening of his neck, the shape of his bill. With any luck he’ll last out the rest of the season until he’s ready to fledge, at which point the parents will kick him out of the reserve and he’ll be ready to find his way to a larger flock.

2012.05.29 Pen and Cygnet

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