An ArboreAlbum (for National Tree Week)

An ArboreAlbum to celebrate National Tree Week 2012, featuring some of the exceptional trees and woods I have seen around the UK (and one spectacular set of exposed roots in the Netherlands). The first image is probably my favourite tree: an ancient yew growing in/out of/around the remains of a wall in the ruins of Waverley Abbey near Farnham, Surrey. I found the site by accident and keep ending up returning there by accident – but it’s worth it just to see the tree.

All photos are my own, obviously excepting for the final image produced by The Tree Council to promote National Tree Week which was too beautiful and poignant for me to leave out. Hover over the images for a description/location, and click on them to enlarge.


More on this?

See The Tree Council’s National Tree Week press release here

and watch this space for more tree posts throughout the week…



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