As an antidote to the drawing in of the days and the arrival of midwinter (which is what the festival now known as Christmas was originally all about) here is an alternative advent calendar celebrating some of the best of nature’s decorations that I’ve seen this year, with one new flower, fruit or seed for each of the twenty four days of advent. 

The photos are all my own (which is why the quality is a bit erratic) and have all been taken this year, around the coast of Cornwall. Where possible I will try to use images I’ve not featured before on here, so click on the thumbnails for a bigger image and caption to tell you who, what, where and when. Oh and if I make any misidentifications – corrections in the comments section please!


Looking for something more festive?


So, Christmas Tree: how green are your branches?
Christmas is an incredibly wasteful time with 3 million extra tonnes of rubbish produced every year in the UK, including 8 million Christmas trees, which equates to 160,000 tonnes of waste if they all end up in landfill. But given that artificial trees are mostly made of plastic are they really a more environmentally-friendly option? Click on the link above, or the picture of the cat ‘helping’ decorate to find out more.


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