2015.03.07 Bosloe
prim and proper
this prim ruse
not proper rose
but prime flower
at opening hour

soft soft tread
the garden path
with pre-spring green
cream limonene
a petal valentine
to woods and meads

this dainty dalliance
in pastel shades
a primer coat
in quiet hue
the understating
sylvan colour cue

to trumpet hosts
that Marching band
all yelling oh!
sprung tall
and nodding
nodding approval


primroses at Bosloe, Helford River – 8th March 2015

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I don’t know when I started noticing wild flowers. Maybe I didn’t spend as much time out of doors as much as I do now. Maybe I did and I just wasn’t looking. Once you start noticing them, however, they’re everywhere. The more you look, the more you see.


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