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Coastlining 27: Port Isaac – Tintagel

Date: Monday 22nd September 2014    Distance walked: 9 miles    Total distance: 264 miles

2014.09.22 (4)

view from Main Head, Port Gaverne north-east to Tintagel Head

Late September and it was perfect weather for walking. The sky was blue as a robin’s egg, the sea a pale topaz with a slight haze on the horizon and the lightest breath of a northerly breeze moved through the air. It felt like summer but was starting, ever so slightly, to look like autumn.

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Blackberry Picking

It’s not been a good year for blackberries. Leastways, round here it hasn’t been, judging by my less-than-average haul from my two trips along the coast path in search of the goods. It was a sore disappointment after the purplishly gluttonous week I had gorging on the glossy clots as I tramped my way round the Isles of Scilly in mid-September. How many blackberries are too many blackberries? asked my mum approximately half way round St Martin’s. A couple of hours later she found herself questioning how I could possibly still be eating them after an entire day of near-continual berry-grazing – a hard thing not to do when you’re rambling along bramble-lined pathways heavily dotted with fruits so fat and ripe they practically fall into your hands as you reach out for them. Continue reading