open the curtains

and take a look out the window if you want to know what the weather's like

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Alarm Bird

picture credit: Lorna Nisbet (click for link)

I woke just past 4am.

Dry throat. Drink water. Try not to register too many awake sensations so I can drop back into the black of sleep.

Turn over to find the cooler side of the pillow. The more comfortable twist of the quilt. My shoulders are cold. My legs are hot.

The window’s open. Perhaps I should shut the window. But that would mean getting out of bed.

I can hear the seagulls. It must be near dawn. The gap in the curtains gives a glimpse of night sky already fading. Continue reading


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Next Door’s Garden

They say that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Or wall in my case. Not that it would be difficult seeing as there isn’t actually any grass in my garden except for what comes up at the edges of the paving stones. I’ve been advised by various people not to refer to my back garden as a ‘patio’ but to elevate it slightly to a ‘sun terrace’. It’s not a lie: designed for practicality and minimal gardening, our little patch sports a few shrubs and ‘easy maintenance’ plants in a couple of beds, but being on a hill it’s light and bright and, come summer time, a proper sun trap, the paving stones radiating warmth long into the evenings.

But it’s not great for wildlife, aside from the odd seagull attempting to eat my clothes pegs from off the table (I can only assume it thought they were chips?). We don’t have any trees, excepting a rather exuberant buddleia, which I think technically belongs to next door.

Their garden is roughly the same size as ours, but seems smaller due to its being so overgrown. Their ‘upper terrace’ is more of an ‘upper lawn’, Continue reading