open the curtains

and take a look out the window if you want to know what the weather's like


Coastlining 10.2: Falmouth – Helford Passage

Date: 9th May 2014         Distance walked: 8 miles         Height climbed: ~1175 ft

2014.05.09  (5) Falmouth

It is light by the time I return to Swanpool, not bright daylight, but a cotton-grey pre-dawn that retires any expectations of an exciting sunrise to make up for the non-sunset of last night. As I reach the beach I look back over my shoulder and can see a blush behind the cloud cover. Crossing the road over the bar between beach and pool I make my way uphill and veer off-road and on-path towards the little patch of woodland on Pennance Point. Turning round at the highest point of the hill I survey the view I’m so familiar with, seeing it with fresh eyes for the first time at daybreak. Continue reading



The North Wind Doth Blow

The North Wind Doth Blow and we shall have more bluster in the back yard than even the St Jude Storm could muster last Sunday night. We shall have the sort of day you’re supposed to stay indoors on, especially when you live on the coast. Except ‘avoid going out in strong winds’ usually translates to ‘get your boots on people’ provided the garden furniture isn’t actually taking off. We shall have the familiar-unfamiliar of strong and frequently gusting winds, oddly disconcerting in that they’re coming atcha from the wrong direction.

The coast path is deceptively warm, being sheltered from the north by the thick hedge. Everywhere I expect to get blown about I’m warm and calm, only to be blasted by a sheet of air from the wrong direction. I’d put on quite a lot of layers but once out of the wind it doesn’t feel like the beginning of November. But the flowers are gone. The blackberries and honeysuckle berries and bryony berries are gone. The leaves are going, and those remaining are the tired, in-between green of a coastal autumn. Continue reading