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Coastlining 25: Porthcothan – Padstow

Date:  Thursday 26th June 2014   Distance walked: 13 miles       Total distance: 243 miles

I set out from Porthcothan in a lull in the downpour. Pushing through the waist high vegetation up the cliff path on the northern side of the inlet that sloped up from beach to dune to cliff I was glad I’d had the forethought to roll my waterproof trousers up in the bottom of my bag when I set out yesterday morning.  Continue reading


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Ronseal’ Sundays. A joyous thing in a winter of rain and clouds that follows an autumn of rain and clouds that followed a summer of much the same. 2012 seemed almost seasonless in its monotony of precipitation.

Except for this Sunday, last Sunday and New Year’s Day have been the only breaks in the cloud of 2013 so far – where I am living anyway – and for some considerable time prior to that. According to the Met Office the sunshine levels for December 2012 were 120 percent of the national average. However they also recorded 257.3mm rainfall for the month (178 percent of the ususal) in the South West and South Wales region, which equates to 23 days of rain. Continue reading