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Coastlining 26: Padstow – Port Isaac

Date: Sunday 26th August 2014      Distance walked: 12 miles      Total distance: 255 miles

2014.08.24 (1) Rock ferry

Padstow-Rock Ferry

It’s good to be back on the (other) coast again. It’s somehow been two months since I wandered down into Padstow with my soggy jacket hung on the back of my rucksack to dry out in the June sun. I’ve got to the point where day walks are no longer feasible due to the length of time it would take me to get to and from my start and end points. I didn’t manage to get two days off work together during July excepting one occasion when it was so hot I couldn’t even sit in my back garden in Falmouth for more than five minutes let alone endure ten plus miles of strenuous coast path. Continue reading



Coastlining 17: Lamorna – Sennen Cove

Date: Tuesday 3rd June 2014       Distance walked: 12 miles      Total distance: 155.5 miles

Tregurnow Cliff

Sun out. Sun in. Cloud cover. Mizzle patches. Clear. Jacket on. Jacket off. I started out on the path from Tregurnow skirting their land through bramble scrub laced with bluebells until I was directly below the farmhouse on the other side of the fox field. Globe thistles still at the prickle stage. Great sheaves of foxgloves – groves – gracing the waysides with their tall spires.

Carn Barges, where I rejoined the cliff path proper, was a rock form on the edge like a giant’s seat. Looking west there was the low white shape of Tater-du lighthouse on the next point of the cliff. Continue reading